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CPS reform
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963 S.W. 2d 550 Avery vs. State


Nationwide, there are State run agencies who are supposed to be protecting abused children in dangerous situations. Each State has many different titles for them. All of them are main stapled as CPS (Child Protective Services). For example, in Texas they're known as DFPS. (Department of Family and Protective Services)

While there is an important need to find abused children and to protect them, the current system is only finding a small percentage of those truly abused children. The rest of their statistics that guarantee a high departmental income are from families who never abused their children.

Our Mission

We as Americans must make a change in the child protection services system as a whole. Whether it be abolished or reformed. The fact of the matter is that it should be about helping our nation's children and not about BIG MONEY...


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http://protected to death by cps

Let our voices be heard

Children are our future, yet it appears they
are being alienated, used, abused,
discarded, maimed, exploited and even
murdered all in the name of power and
money! I will do whatever I can to stop the
abuse of innocent children, including my
babies, that are being emotionally and
possibly physically abused, thanks to our
wonderful system!

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How could this happen to me